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Stormfront is a progression raiding guild on the Thorium Brotherhood(US) server.

While Thorium Brotherhood is not exactly known for its raiding guilds we still enjoy the server and are an established guild with a successful history of being in the top few Alliance guilds on the server in terms of raid progress (throughout WotLK and Cata, clearing heroic DS 2nd Alliance (4th for both) on server).  In Mists of Pandaria we completed all normal mode content and as many heroic encounters as possible, including 11/14 heroic SoO encounters pre 6.0.  While 1st on server, we certainly wanted to do more - just had to work within the limits of our team and server population.  We're looking forward to the raiding in WoD in a healthier population resulting from the server merges. 

We try to raid seriously, but not get too caught up in it and while still being a respectful, friendly group to hang out with.

Currently we run one progression raid group on Wed/Fri/Mon 5:30-8:30 Pacific time.  We may be changing this up some as we get going in WoD, and change or add nights and groups as people want.
New potential raiders should expect to prove themselves by their history (if there is any) and by running some flex raids with us, and will need to actively demonstrate to the team that they can fit in as a mature and effective part of the team before being considered for our progression team.   

To apply, visit us in game on Thorium Brotherhood server (Alliance).  You can also fill out an app on the website, which is helpful to give us some more background, but it isn't required. Contact any officer, or chat with our members for more info.

Our ideal candidate is a RL professional who loves playing and raiding, and performs well (but not necessarily exclusively) on a primary character, both primary and alternate spec. Mature, easy-going, and technically competent on game, add-on, ISP, and computer issues. Happy in life and game, but looking for a progression raiding group. We shoot for a no drama raid environment and generally achieve pretty close to that.

While we may be focused on recruiting some specs or roles more than others, we will consider all qualified applicants. Basically you need to show you are motivated enough to know the fights, learn our rules, get along with others, and can play as good as, or better than, our top raiders.

For more info about the guild, rules, and so on, check our our wiki pages

We sometimes stream our raids on my Twitch.tv channel and you can see archived vids on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/Mushoepi

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